Since 1981

Cyrus O'Leary's Pies is located in Airway Heights, WA and has been in business since 1981 producing a variety of baked and cream pies. At Cyrus O’Leary’s Pies we take a lot of pride in our heritage, which dates back to the opening of the landmark Cyrus O’Leary’s Restaurant in downtown Spokane in 1981.

The restaurant developed and introduced a gourmet line of fresh baked pies, which quickly became the talk of the town. In 1987, we established a separate plant to produce pies on a wholesale basis, with a strong commitment to the same made-from-scratch quality that had served Cyrus O’Leary’s Restaurant well.

We bake the right way

It is not an accident that Cyrus O’ Leary’s has been a house hold name in Spokane Washington for over 36 years. The reason we have been around for so long is our ability to grow much like the city of Spokane has. We take pride in our local brand and we will continue to showcase our northwest ingredients in our pies.

We love what we do here - mass production formulas and techniques will never become part of our heritage. From making pies in the back of the Cyrus O’ Leary’s restaurant to adding on to our current production plant the forthcoming opportunities looks bright for our eager, driven, pie squad.

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